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Editors Note - Spring 2015
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HHG_Editor_Fay_WintRecently, I was assisting one of my painters, Dennis, with a paint finish in a teenager's bedroom. She was very specific about what she wanted. I kept standing back, looking at it and then going at it again over and over. Then Dennis said in his usual jovial way, "Old time people use to say, 'donkey follow cane bump go a pound' ". It was the first time I was hearing this saying, but I understood immediately what he meant, and I stopped painting.

The profound Jamaican proverb has stuck in my mind ever since, and I keep thinking of how important it is to know when to stop, to know when something is as complete as it will be or, to use another proverb, "to stop flogging a dead horse". That is even more important.

For those of us who are persistent, we can have difficulty giving up. But sometimes that is what we need to do. Not to give up too easily or without trying but to know when enough is enough. I've been trying to learn this in recent years and believe strongly that this ability to sometimes "throw in the towel" is a good thing, which can have a positive effect on our health.

Maintaining relationships which are stagnant and that pull us down rather than lift us up, staying in jobs that we hate and continuing habits with negative impacts are all unhealthy choices. Choices, that is what they are. Sometimes we continue along the same path because clearing the bush or debris to make another path will take too much effort. Yet, oftentimes, when we make that move it's for the better. A friend once told me, "You can only get a better job if you leave a good one."

This magazine, amongst other things, promotes good health. See our Health features this issue - In Women's Health, pg 81, Judith looks at alcohol abuse and its dangers and in General Health, pg 85, Helen gives a challenge on changing bad habits, in particular, smoking.

I believe you will also enjoy our other features and the homes and gardens we visit.


Fay Wint - Editor-in-Chief

HHG - Health, Home & Garden Magazine
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JAMAICA has been blessed with a worldwide appeal due mainly to her beaches; the performance of her athletes; her musicians in general and Bob Marley in particular. Over 2 million tourists visit her shores each year.

HHG Magazine presents another look at Jamaica from a broader perspective. Beyond sea, sand, sun and reggae it gives an interesting and colourful insight into the homes, gardens, architecture, special sites and an exciting people!

At the same time, the topics covered in each issue of the magazine have universal relevance – Health, Interior Design, Gardening, Parenting, etc. – emphasizing the importance of all of these areas in our lives regardless of where we are from.

For the millions of Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals living away from home this magazine represents an opportunity to reconnect with our heritage, with new developments, with our people and with memories of our past.

HHG Magazine will inform and inspire you! The articles are written by experts in their respective fields and these, along with the colorful presentations, help to achieve the aims of this magazine.

It is our aim not just to present the wonderful lifestyles of others but also give you information which you can use to make changes, big or small, making your life and that of those close to you even a little better! HHG Magazine was designed with you in mind!