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Editor´s Note
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HHG_Editor_Fay_WintRecently I was watering my garden when my neighbour's 7-year·old granddaughter, Pebbles, came over for a little chat. After asking me a number of questions, she looked at my soursop tree at the side of the house and said, "I cidn't know you have a WhatsApp tree?"

I was so arrosed but couldn't help thinking how rapidly things have changed. Even more, I came face to face with how wide generational gaps can be. In her very current lingua "WhatsApp" is used a lot more than "soursop". So much so, that in her mind they are interchangeable. Only a few years ago, WhatsApp cidn't even exist. Now it plays an essential role in our lives.

I'm sure that, like me, you find it difficult to understand how we functioned before without oomputers, tablets and especially cell phones. While they may have their negatives, they certainly make our lives much more convenient.

In this issue. Simone writes on the smart home, see page 92. Imagine where we will be in just another ten years.

We also feature two homes at extreme ends of the decor style spectl\Jm. One will take you back to a time when fine China, exquisite glassware, curvy traditional furniture and beautiful things eve,ywhere wanned your heart. The other is ultra contemporary with clean lines, exquisite fumishingsand accessories of a different sort oompfimented by a view to die for! I believe, regardless of your style preference, you will love looking at both these homes.

Whether we lean more to the "WhatsApp" or the "soursop" age, it  is great to appreciate differences and to see how we can benefit by warmly embracing these. There is much to see, read and learn in this issue -So Enjoy!

HHG - Health, Home & Garden Magazine
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JAMAICA has been blessed with a worldwide appeal due mainly to her beaches; the performance of her athletes; her musicians in general and Bob Marley in particular. Over 2 million tourists visit her shores each year.

HHG Magazine presents another look at Jamaica from a broader perspective. Beyond sea, sand, sun and reggae it gives an interesting and colourful insight into the homes, gardens, architecture, special sites and an exciting people!

At the same time, the topics covered in each issue of the magazine have universal relevance – Health, Interior Design, Gardening, Parenting, etc. – emphasizing the importance of all of these areas in our lives regardless of where we are from.

For the millions of Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals living away from home this magazine represents an opportunity to reconnect with our heritage, with new developments, with our people and with memories of our past.

HHG Magazine will inform and inspire you! The articles are written by experts in their respective fields and these, along with the colorful presentations, help to achieve the aims of this magazine.

It is our aim not just to present the wonderful lifestyles of others but also give you information which you can use to make changes, big or small, making your life and that of those close to you even a little better! HHG Magazine was designed with you in mind!