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Editors Note - Summer 2014
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The homeowners we visit in this issue are truly inspirational. Through their homes and how they live their lives they demonstrate what is really important.

The Hosangs (see page 14) a retired Jamaican couple who has lived abroad for a long time, they now spend half of the year here. They have made their home a comfort zone, a place surrounded by things of beauty they have collected along the way and inspired by the Caribbean and by nature. Yet, what is most important to them is that they can be together as they live and love life to the fullest.

The McNairs (see page 42) bought a home 15 years ago with a garden outside every room and a yard, big enough for exploration and play, for the children they didn’t yet have. Once the children arrived, they were willing to fill a large portion of the extensive water feature which appealed so much to them, for the children’s security.

The Mignotts (see page 30) lovingly and patiently built their home over several years, taking full advantage of each other’s skills. The result is a beautiful home, smaller than was originally intended, but which is easy to live in. Nadene described its style as “perfectly imperfect”. This is not a space with museum intentions. Instead, the former living room is now an indoor football field with old sofas as goals, for the perfect enjoyment of their sons.

All three features speak of quality of living and life with a clear connection to nature. It’s not so much what we have but what we do with it and the value we place on those close to us. In the long run the good memories we create along the way will be much more important than the material things we have collected enroute.

I hope you enjoy these features as well as all the other interesting ones in this issue.

HHG - Health, Home & Garden Magazine
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JAMAICA has been blessed with a worldwide appeal due mainly to her beaches; the performance of her athletes; her musicians in general and Bob Marley in particular. Over 2 million tourists visit her shores each year.

HHG Magazine presents another look at Jamaica from a broader perspective. Beyond sea, sand, sun and reggae it gives an interesting and colourful insight into the homes, gardens, architecture, special sites and an exciting people!

At the same time, the topics covered in each issue of the magazine have universal relevance – Health, Interior Design, Gardening, Parenting, etc. – emphasizing the importance of all of these areas in our lives regardless of where we are from.

For the millions of Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals living away from home this magazine represents an opportunity to reconnect with our heritage, with new developments, with our people and with memories of our past.

HHG Magazine will inform and inspire you! The articles are written by experts in their respective fields and these, along with the colorful presentations, help to achieve the aims of this magazine.

It is our aim not just to present the wonderful lifestyles of others but also give you information which you can use to make changes, big or small, making your life and that of those close to you even a little better! HHG Magazine was designed with you in mind!