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Editors Note - Spring 2014
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FayWintEditorI’m especially inspired this issue by Rosemary’s story on the beautiful island of Montserrat (page 61) and her courageous people who have managed to rebuild after the eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano in 1997. With such resilient people, the island has literally risen out of the ashes, becoming once again a vibrant, colourful island, a place renewed.

Renewal is such a wonderful state. Whether it is coming out of an awful experience or just simply taking a different turn, it all boils down to how we handle the experience. Sometimes a fear of change can prevent such renewal, but when we make that step, we find it was worth it after all.

It is another Spring Issue of HHG Magazine, and for those of us who are avid gardeners, we know that the different seasons are reflected in our gardens, even if we live in the warm Caribbean. The temperature changes may not be significant, but the plants renew themselves with energetic growth, birds build nests and there is a fresh feeling in the air. We can take a cue from nature.

“As this new season begins, why not pause and take an inventory of your mental/emotional, physical and spiritual health” – I borrow a line from Helen’s article, “Emotional Health and You” – see page 85. In this perceptive article she writes about the benefits of practising gratitude, de-stressing constantly and being true to oneself. There really is no better way to live our lives.

I hope you enjoy all the features in this issue—you know they were carefully put together with you in mind. Happy renewal in whatever way it suits you best!
HHG - Health, Home & Garden Magazine
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JAMAICA has been blessed with a worldwide appeal due mainly to her beaches; the performance of her athletes; her musicians in general and Bob Marley in particular. Over 2 million tourists visit her shores each year.

HHG Magazine presents another look at Jamaica from a broader perspective. Beyond sea, sand, sun and reggae it gives an interesting and colourful insight into the homes, gardens, architecture, special sites and an exciting people!

At the same time, the topics covered in each issue of the magazine have universal relevance – Health, Interior Design, Gardening, Parenting, etc. – emphasizing the importance of all of these areas in our lives regardless of where we are from.

For the millions of Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals living away from home this magazine represents an opportunity to reconnect with our heritage, with new developments, with our people and with memories of our past.

HHG Magazine will inform and inspire you! The articles are written by experts in their respective fields and these, along with the colorful presentations, help to achieve the aims of this magazine.

It is our aim not just to present the wonderful lifestyles of others but also give you information which you can use to make changes, big or small, making your life and that of those close to you even a little better! HHG Magazine was designed with you in mind!